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words and music by Bob Telson, keyboards and vocals: Bob Telson guitars: Marc Shulman and Sam Butler, bass: Lincoln Schleifer, drums: Shawn Pelton


I've written too many songs about the death of love
About the struggle to hold on after it's gone
About the freedom and despair
When there’s nobody there
How to pick up the pieces and move on

But now I’m singing a different way
I met someone the other day
Every time we talk
We have more silly things to say
I’m so glad she’s coming to see me soon

Here’s a song about beginnings
Not about losings and winnings
cause I’m feeling on top of my game
I write a song every day
cause the girl moves me that way
and I like her voice when she’s talking sweet to me

So now I’m singing a different song
I found the arms where I belong
She says she’s crazy about me
We’re both feeling it so strong
I can’t wait till she’s here with me

It’s a song about beginnings
not losings nor winnings…

well everybody wants a love of their own
and everybody wants a heart to call home
But who can project what might happen next
I’m just glad to be beginning to get to know you