words and music by Bob Telson; piano and vocals: Bob Telson


You learn a lot about somebody when it’s over
She says if you love me please don’t call me anymore
A decision has been made, and the price that must be paid
Is a silence like we’ve never heard before

You learn a lot about somebody when you wake up
3 lovely years pass by just opening our eyes
The chocolate and the roses, the rubbing of 2 noses,
now the coldness since we said our last good bye

I wonder if our story’s reached its end
She texted fare thee well, again!

I learn a lot about myself each time we break up
I let my reason speak when I should trust my heart
Though the words I speak are sensible
They're largely indefensible
Ghostly leftovers of wars lost from the start

She threw my clothes out the window (4xs)
I tried to let her know that I wanted her back with me
Like Sophia Loren in an old Italian movie
Maybe it didn’t happen but it feels like that to me
but wait…
There's a second part to this story
How we changed the course of history
Turning dissonance to harmony
With our love
(true love will find it’s way/ sometimes you have to wait)

U learn a lot about somebody when u make up

"BANTU" live at the I.D. studio theater (Bronx,NY) 10/22/23